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Procurement for Large Server Manufacturer

• Managed all system level costs for six key product lines. Identified cost targets and opportunities and achieved cost savings goals through implementation of key strategic projects, second sourcing or commercial negotiations.

• Managed the RFP/RFQ selection for eight major product platforms including three top 10 revenue producing product lines.

• Led vendor selection, owned all costs for the product launch (from engineering prototype through production ramp)

• Completed project within budget despite a four month launch delay. Set up and implemented new suppliers in the company’s production and financial systems to meet launch deadlines.

• Reduced supplier claims more than $2.1 million by identifying how supplier overbought to demand forecast.

• Delivered more than $3.2 million in cost savings/cost avoidance through second sourcing, hard tooling and process improvements for fiscal year.

• Identified cost savings opportunities and strategic process improvements for two of the largest OEM partners. Presented plans to VP and COO level of management. Saved 12% within first four months