Customer Feedback

Worksafe Technology has been working with Scott for the past 6 months. In this short amount of time he has helped us to dramatically reduce our product cost while maintaining the highest standards of quality. His experience, fluency in Chinese, and knowledge of the culture has been of great benefit to us strengthen our relationships with our manufacturing partners. Additionally, Scott understands our needs as a startup both relating to sourcing and from a wider strategic perspective. It’s a pleasure working with him.

Daniel Koval, CEO

Scott’s knowledge of the Chinese language and culture combined with his business experience has helped us tremendously in our dealings with our Chinese partners. He was able to help us communicate our true intentions with our partners as well as explore their real capabilities in depth. He was a true asset in our dealings with China.”

Tim Markel
Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing
Mestek Distributor Products Group

Scott was a key player in helping us turn around our business. From Day 1, he rolled up his sleeves, and worked side by side with our team. He helped us get our business under control, and then he worked with us to identify the fundamental changes we needed to make to begin to accelerate our business growth. Without his cross functional leadership, his data driven goal setting and knowledge of manufacturing and supply chain management, we would not be where we are today.

President of a mid western manufacturing company

Scott has a unique ability to take a group if individuals,and build a team by bridging language, cultural, and personality gaps. He will then take the team and focus them on defining an issue, investigating all possible options (both inside and out of the box), and implementing a solution that will more than meet the needs. His business background combined with his extensive experience make for a potent combination to provide instant and immediate bottom line value.

Ray Meltvedt
VP Sales and Marketing
Kent Landsberg