Mergers & Acquisitions

We will help with everything from due diligence to creating a project plan, then guide you during implementation.


Procurement Audit

We help you reduce costs, consolidate vendors and negotiate better service and terms.


Partner Negotiation

We help you get the agreement quickly with the terms that you want.


Material Planning

We can help you better balance your supply and demand reducing the amount of inventory or parts sitting on the floor.


Strategic Partner Supplier Base Manager

Negotiating the right deals with the right partners results in better service, better terms, and overall improvements to the bottom line.


Program and Project Management

Our over site of specific projects and programs will result in bottom line improvements for your business


Broad ERP Implementation/Background

Experience with over 20 ERP implementations including evaluation, selection, and implementation of software systems for large and small companies.


Break the Mandarin Barrier

Because we fluently speak, read and write in Mandarin, it quickly gives you an advantage in dealing with oversees vendors, we also have an existing established network of suppliers and contacts in China.